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About us

Building Materials & Furniture

The Company
We are an Australia company based in China. With over 6,000 active customers on our world wide databases

Our objectives
1-Quality 2-price 3-Service

It is our companies objective to deliver high quality goods to you the customer at a price far below any retailer ,We ask you to compare the quality, and the prices with goods of a similar nature . direct from factory to your door ,or project site saving much double handling , and costs

Important message,Security access
We allow any member of the general public to access the pricing of this site,after registering.

Why do we ask you to register 
The reason being that this is an international web site and when we ask you registration details we can give you a quotation to your own shipping port

Register now and Log on  
The reason being that this is an international web site and when we ask you registration details we can give you a quotation to your own shipping port
Knowing the territory

We have been an exporter of goods from China and have offices here for over 30 years.

Business in China
Like many others before us,and after us,we have experienced all of the problems that go with business, and exporting goods from China.

Over the last 30 years we have established many good suppliers, and discarded the ones not so good, and we will continue to do so.
We also double check the authenticity of the Certification Certificates with the Australian government Authorized Certificate agents by marrying up the Certificate number with the products

Bargaining Power
Our multiples of bargaining power give us an edge on any individual as a single buyer.

Whereas you as a single buyer may order one or two items of a single product per year, we may order one or two thousand of these same items giving you the flow-on of the best possible prices available.

Ordering Systems
We pride ourselves on having the best and easy to read ordering data base in China.

New product updates
Easybuy Global Building Materials & Furniture will continually update this system daily with new products,

If you do not see your product lines there today, do not despair as they will be there soon. If you are seeking special products, tell us and we will endeavour to help you find them.

We will advise you on new products from our suppliers before you could receive this information in any other form.

Star Ratings
We give each product line item a "Star Rating"  ***** giving you an indication on value for money.

When ordering
You can electronically make your own order, which displays all CBM (cubic meters), and will give you the running CBM totals, allowing you to determine your own quantities of each line item . 

Try making up an order
We suggest you practice making up an order and see how easy it really is. 
Finding it hard to win tenders these days ? Why not use our services
Developers , Builders , Architects , Home Renovators  ,Interior Decorators OEM Suppliers ,Real Estate officers
Plus anyone that may require building materials or up market furniture direct from the manufacturers to your project site
We are an Australian registered company exporting products from China to many parts of the World including Australia   www.ebglob.com 
Products such as building materials of all sorts and descriptions ,and including very upmarket "Furniture fit out products" , saving you many thousands of dollars, As a part of charter we can mix containers with up to 3 factory suppliers and 3 products from each supplier giving you a total of 9 products in one single container 20 or 40 ft and put samples of other products for future reference , You may also share with friends or Colleagues in your full container loadings
We are a Sourcing Company , "NOT A TRADING COMPANY" What this means you tell us what you want and we find it for you , and you pay the factory invoices direct , Or you select products from our web site and choose from our data base ,We arrange the shipping or you arrange your own shipping it is your choice ,

We will always endeavor to get you the best prices without foregoing quality in Australia or World markets When you access our web site 
Most of the building products require Australian Standards or CE or other country Standards Certificates ,
So we know the factories that has these certificates and the ones that do not , As we have been doing this business now for nearly 40 years , we know the reliable suppliers and discard the not so reliable ones ,
We also welcome a test quotation of any building product or materials to compare with your current buy price
So if there is any products you would like contact us and we will source them for you , Or supply from our web data bases

We would appreciate if you could refer us to an Associate, Friend or Colleague.
Having said the above we appreciate you taking the time to read our scrip above and maybe we could be of service to you in some way or another ,If not maybe you have a friend or colleague that can use our services, if your quantities are to small maybe you can group buy with a friend or associate, and
            Always Remember
Making You Money Is Your Business
Saving You Money Is our Business 
Our Staff
We pride ourselves on having the most competent qualified staff. Duties of staff include of the following:

Communicate with you as the buyer. Communicate with the factories as the seller. We use all types of communications such as the following ,,Electronic ordering ,,Emails,,MSN,,,Skype,,QQ text and voice on all     

We will negotiate with the factories on your behalf. On pricing for very large orders.

Product Warranties 
Most suppliers represented on this site provide a minimum of 12 months from the date of despatch warranty ,on materials and workmanship, Providing they are used for the purpose they are manufactured   

All necessary documentation allowing goods to exit port of manufacture , and enter your home port with all shipping and customs clearance documents, making it easy for you to clear your cargo at the pre- designated pickup point .

Currency Quotations
Easybuy Global Building Materials & Furniture can quote you in your own currency if required, and give you a line by line product pricing.

Shipping Quotes full container orders 
Our staff will always endeavour to get the most competitive pricing on shipping, and delivery arrangements, to suit your warehouse intake of the goods.

Factory feedback
We also have an employee located in each of our supplier factories, giving us feedback on all aspects of production.

Quality control
All goods are inspected prior to despatch by  qualified quality control personnel.

Order Quantities
You may order any product line as single item , If your quantities are larger we will negotiate prices with the suppliers on your behalf. or maybe you can order a larger quantity by splitting the order with a colleague or friend.Think about "Group Ordering" and save more dollars  

Hotel Packages
Easybuy Global Building Materials & Furniture can supply Hotel/Motel fit-out packages to suit 3-4-5 Star ratings, to any room configurations

Your Feedback
We will always need your feedback to improve the quality of the service. The star rating on our site, and the packing on arrival in your store. Click here to fill in data form. "Feedback".

Easybuy Gobal Is a source of Building Material Products & Furnitures , and welcomes all inquiries in this area



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