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Conditions of site use
Your access and use of this Web Site (the "Site") is subject to the following conditions of Easybuy Global and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing the Site, you accept without limitation and qualification, all the conditions and acknowledge that any other agreement between you and Easybuy Global are superseded and of no force or effect.
1. Prices and Availability
All orders and prices will be verified by Easybuy Global prior to accepting your order as the prices are not determined by Easybuy Global, as we are a sourcing agent only, and not a trading company, and we will always act for you the buyer, and with the buyers interest first.

Factory raw materials do vary from time to time, and they do move down as well as move up slightly. However most suppliers will lock prices displayed on our web site for at least a 90 day period, so what you see will when ordering will be the pricing except in unusual circumstances.

There are also products on our web site with no pricing and this is because the manufacturer has not yet set a pricing for this particular product line and has not been finalised in the production runs. As we like to be "first to present" new products to you, it is not always possible to lock in on a price.

Our service also includes where we will source special products for you and come back to you with the fixed pricing.
2. Product Specifications and Images
Product specifications and images included on this Site are to provide a guide only. Any accessories shown with the product are for presentation purposes only and are not included with the product, unless for a particular product it is explicitly stated otherwise. Images are to illustrate the style only and the image may be of a different colour and/or may be of a different size or seating capacity to the product being offered. Lighting conditions when the items were photographed varies considerably and may result in images that are not true to colour. Individual computer display settings may also effect the colour of images being viewed.
3. Errors and Omissions
While Easybuy Global makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information on this Site, unfortunately errors and omissions may occur from time to time. Easybuy Global claims the right to rectify any error or omission when found.
4. Postings
All postings that you make including the submission of orders;
  • must comply with all relevant laws, common law or regulations;
  • must not be obscene, offensive, defamatory or in any way unsuitable for persons under the age 18;
  • must not be used for any purpose or activity of an illegal, fraudulent or defamatory in nature;
  • must not be misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive; and
  • must not adversely reflect on Easybuy Global.
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